Master Bedroom Storydisk

by Viridian Frontier

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Songs written and recorded at home by Ryan Adams & Cameron Goreczky

While hunting in the western mahogany glen, two adventurers strayed into the uncharted heart of the grand forest in search of the Twin White Trees. According to legend, the ancient trees grew identically mirror-adjacent to one another, their roots ever-intertwined beneath the soil. It is told the bright ivory branches would yield enchanted white wood, containing unknown magic within its swirling grain. The duo envisioned harvesting two identical symmetric branches, one from each tree, to create Twin White Bows able to fire arrows that would soar indefinitely, and without fail. The two hunters soon spotted a glowing feathered creature flying over the canopy, singing a truly unique call that echoed through the trees in full multi-harmony. They ran in pursuit of the winged beautiful beast, following the symphony of emanating tones to guide them along behind it. The song grew faintly dim, and as the hunters slowed their sprint and accepted defeat, the path opened up into a perfect triangle-shaped clearing. Swaying in the center, the Twin White Trees stood sprouting from the earth, and cradled in the woven branches lay the nest of the glowing animal, the Rainbow Archaeopteryx. It hung its head at them with dark empty eyes and cried out once again as the mysterious glow began to fade. The hunters could hear now that they were cries of agony and pain; the legendary beast was dying. They looked at one another, knocked a cedar arrow on each of their bowstrings, and hoping to end the animals misery, drew back and released. The two identical mirror-adjacent arrows flew with symmetrical speed and sank into the breast of the creature simultaneously. It cried out the most intricate and moving melody of all, flowing with exquisite tones and notes that had never been heard by a human ear, reverberating into the sky. Then, in a terrific beam of golden light, the Archaeopteryx perished, and its soul poured into the two hunters, filling them with brilliant transcendental multi-coloured inspiration. The hunters, evolved by the beautiful rainbow tune, harvested ivory wood from the trunks of each tree, and created one glowing enchanted White Lute, and one spellbound White Viola. They each sat at the base of a Twin Tree and sent the creatures' song through their hands, along the instruments, and into the atmosphere.


released August 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Viridian Frontier Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Dance Romance
I used to be so comfy before you took my chair away from me, you're so sneaky. I poor myself another drink just so i don't even have to think of how this will end.
So now that I'm up, I might as well dance. There's a look in her eyes as she takes my hand.
I make my way against the crowd, her chewed gum somehow in my mouth. It must have slipped out. I scan the room for her red gown, all corners covered but she can't be found. I step outside to catch my breath, when two soft hands interrupt my rest. Here she is again.
We move to the street, no rhythm or beat, except for her pulse and the sound of our feet.
I used to be so comfy where I lay, stuck in bed all day. You pulled the sheets away. I was content being lazy on my own, I never left my home until you came along and now I'll never dance alone.